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Sports in Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a combination of excellent scenic beauty and adventure activities that makes you halt in this place for longer periods. Travelers will have plethora of options to visit, as there are many sightseeing places like Amarnath Cave, Aru Valley, Chandanwari, Baisaran, etc., which not only takes off attention of the people through its beauty, but also gives a great enthusiasm by offering lots of adventurous sports. All these places are tremendously good that takes you to different world. Below are the few sports activities conducted in Pahalgam.

Horse Riding / Pony Riding

You will have to stop in Pahalgam Village, where the river passes, exactly at a local market; and from this location, you can hire a horse ride that may be costly for you. But, do not ever think of skipping this interesting ride, else you will lose the extreme joy of watching the amazing picturesque beauty. This is said to be an excellent landmark with thick snow fall during summers, as well as lush green and icy land are found here along with the river flow.

Pahalgam Horse Riding

If you are beginner to the pony ride, you may get nervous. But as you go, you will realize how interesting the pony ride is. And it is better to take long route instead of short cuts.

Trout Fishing in Pahalgam

Fishing is another great experience in Pahalgam, where you will spend better time. To perform trout fishing, you will need a rod and reel, hooks, etc. to catch the fish in a sluttish manner. If you are looking for a better time-pass and good relaxation in a peaceful atmosphere, do visit this spot once. Though trout fishing looks like an easy job, it needs certain knowledge of how to catch fish, without which time goes waste!

During dawns and dusk, you will be able to find large trouts, and if the water level is high, you can find both large and small fishes, else in case of medium level and less water level, only a few or no fishes are found. 

Golf Course in Pahalgam

Pahalgam consists of a staggering 9 holed golf course that is visited by many tourists and currently these holes are extended. Thus, one can find 18 holes in this golf course, and the golf championships are generally conducted by the private hotel management as well as the state government. The course is usually held during the month of summer, where local crowd along with tourists gather together under the shades of the pine trees that surrounds the golf course. 

Skiing in Pahalgam

Pahalgam Skiing

The several levels in skiing that are comprised with the basic, medium as well as advanced level skiing. You can join the skiing course that is held for a week. This course covers all the fundamental techniques of the mountainous snow bound regions that lets you to become an expert in skiing within a short span of time.

Rock Climbing in Pahalgam

Pahalgam Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Pahalgam has become the hottest destination, with the series of mountains with different topography. There are many coaching classes that train you in climbing the rock with ease, and all the safety gears are provided to you during your training period. But, when you wish to try yourself after the training period, you need to buy the essential safety gears to safeguard yourself. All in all, you will get a great experience in performing sports like Rock Climbing.

Mountain Trekking in Pahalgam

Mountain Trekking in Pahalgam is also much interesting that is similar to the rock climbing. But, you need to cover yourself from your fur coats, as you will be climbing on the ice. And the tourists who visit to this city of Pahalgam will have to try mountain trekking in Pahalgam. It is one of the great moment that gives you a memorable experience. Take some ideas from your friends or get good knowledge from the internet to know what you have to do in Pahalgam apart from mountain trekking. 

Skating in Pahalgam

Ice Skating and ice hockey are some other winter sports activities that were conducted during winter and summer season. These types of activities held in Pahalgam are more popularly found in the entire India, but only some places like Pahalgam and Gulmarg in Kashmir are much likely to be visited by the tourists.

White Water Rafting in Pahalgam

River rafting is another thrilling adventurous sport that has been trailing tourists towards the water rafting sports. Beginners will probably join the water rafting courses to learn different difficulty levels and practice accordingly. In case, if you would like to perform white water rafting in Pahalgam, you can overture the guide without taking a risk to attempt rafting on your own. These tours or adventure sports guide will give you good knowledge about which level of rafting has to be undertaken depending upon the age limit, health and the expertise experience level.

Pahalgam River Rafting

As water rafting needs adequate amount of water, such sports activity is held only during certain seasons when water level is high. And while rafting, you must also get the safety gear in case you don't have the fundamental knowledge of swimming. There are varieties of adventure camps as well as tours that contribute insurances to the passengers and let them to claim for any damages caused during accidents or losses. Hence, it is better to get a great unique experience via river rafting in Pahalgam.

Paragliding in Pahalgam

Paragliding is one more interesting sport that gives you an extreme pleasure to fly in the sky. Also you can experience the feel of flying in such a great height watching the diorama view of the nature.

The snowy peaks all around, the lush green land, the variety of trees that surround the region, and the ponies wandering, etc. offers a heavenly atmosphere that makes you spend much time in Pahalgam. Even you will have a great opportunity to shoot photos as well as videos from a great height that makes you cover most of the scenic views around. Hence, you will have flying experience, photo and video shooting experience, and great scenic view at a single glance. 

However, you must not try this risky sport without training, or without guide if you are a beginner to this sport.

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