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Shopping in Pahalgam

Pahalgam is not just a place of hotels and resorts, it is also a good market place. If you visit Pahalgam, you can take time to view the main market, where you can find many different shops such as handicrafts, woolen items(rugs or durries, carpets), dolls, furniture, carpets (silk, cotton silk and others). Besides these, there are many items to shop in Pahalgam.

Several handicrafts have been manufactured in this city of Pahalgam. Zamindar is said to be a home of handicrafts and you will be able to get all types of better quality shawls and carpets at a very cost effective prices. However, shopping here is found to be a pleasurable experience.

Though Pahalgam has many shops in its main market, it may be the ultimate shopper’s stop to shop, and many tourists will have to move around the city like Srinagar. Here, wide variety of shops can be seen. Somehow, the main market in Pahalgam provides the Kashmiri carpets, the Pashmina shawls and many more. One can get a 'Pheran' or 'Kashmiri woolen poncho' and 'Kashmiri Golden Apples'.

Kashmiri Golden Apples in Pahalgam

Kashmiri Golden Apples are the very popular apples of Kashmir. But these apples are also sold in Pahalgam. When you visit this city, you can buy the sweetest Kashmiri Golden Apples which are available in the main market of Pahalgam.

Pashmina Shawls in Pahalgam

Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina shawls are the special types of shawls which have been manufactured in the Kashmir, that is merely called 'Cashmere'. Then, it later became 'Pashmina' somehow. These types of Shawls are made through the goat's skin, but the interesting thing is that, none of the goats are killed to make such Pashmina shawls. These Pashmina shawls are the handmade shawls, carefully knitted by the craftsmen of Himalayan valley, but the trading has been done in the entire Kashmir including Pahalgam.

Kashmir Kani Shawls in Pahalgam

Kani shawl is a kind of elaborately weaved material which is used to cover over the body. This shawl is popularly called as ‘Jamawar’. While these shawls are said to be worn by the Kings and courtiers in the yard, and war has made ‘Jama’ (gown or robe).

The craft is said to be endemic to the Kashmir and hence gives a huge respect to the king Akbar (the great Mughal King). While, the miniature paintings as well as the portraits represents the Emperor who wears the robes and gowns (created from the Kani shawl).

An artisan of enormous skill and patience creates an amazing piece of the Kani Shawl. It is not a joke to weave the Kani Shawl, it needs a great concentration and lots of patience to weave just a small piece of Jamawar.

Kashmiri Carpets in Pahalgam

Kashmiri Carpets are those which arrive in different materials like silk, wool, Cotton silk, and others. If you find these Kashmiri Carpets, you would probably feel pleased with variety of carpet designs and colors with several materials. Such Kashmiri Carpets that are sold in many places including Pahalgam, are easy to clean and maintain, as well as attracts your guests. Every visitor to your home, would surely ask you – from where did you purchase these carpets?

Kashmiri Carpets Pahalgam

There are certain occasions or seasons which will force you to decorate yourself, and you may want to cover your head and body with scarves and shawls. Probably, you would love to wear the stylish scarves and shawls that gives you a perfect look. Well, traders of Pahalgam welcome every tourist with pride to purchase such elegant finely-finished scarves and shawls right from these traders. It is very true that you will get soft and light weight material which gives you very warm and cozy feeling, when you wear it. You can get any type of Kashmiri shawls you wish – either hand-embroidered traditional Kashmiri or the machine-made, both are equally popular throughout the globe.

Lots of effort has been put to knit this amazing piece of cloth, that one would wear it for longer period with charm on their face. The embroidery is so well knitted that it may take much time to embroider such a beautiful material. One can get mind-blowing luxurious shawl which is created by hand in Semi-Pashmina (Kashmir valley). Such extraordinary piece of shawl looks awesome over the ethnic and western wear, and also over the casual wear and jeans. Thus, these shawls have become the must-have accessories for all types of dresses.

Pherans in Pahalgam

Pherans Pahalgam

Pherans in Pahalgam are the free size traditional dresses that are worn by both men and women during the winter season. However, Pherans vary for both people. Mens pherans are made out of tweed or coarse wool; while women pherans are made up of raffel with ari (hook) embroidery. These pherans in Pahalgam, are mostly loved and shopped by the shoppers and have a great demand in the international market. Pherans are usually embroidered and are found in different colors and design. Tourists ensure to buy at least one pherans as a memory of Pahalgam visit.

Kashmiri Gabbas (Rugs) in Pahalgam

There are different types of Kashmiri Gabbas (rugs) in Pahalgam, which are basically made using wool or cotton as well as the silk yarn. This craft is said to be produced through the recycled woolen, and are very well-maintained. Such type of gabbas are the chain stitched rugs, which are attached beautifully to these gabbas.

Wood Carving in Pahalgam

The walnut wood carving involves the beautiful hand carving that is done very carefully and in a very delicate manner. This type of work is done with different styles and varied tools which are used to create this handicraft. Such a handicraft appears beautifully in different forms and varied motifs of the ancient period attached to it. The motifs carving done over the handicrafts are the reflection of the different plants and animals of the Pahalgam region. Also, such motifs are being used in highly complex manner, which is very reflective of different handicrafts connected to the city.

Wood Carving Pahalgam

The process of local tradition of carving has been emerged since several centuries. And these carvings are done over the wood and stone in the architectural as well as sculptural medium. The walnut woodwork denotes many carving facets from the shallow to deep relief that hires a subtle 3-dimensional effect. While, the carved products manufacturing has developed in to a special crafts like any other handicrafts in the region of Pahalgam.

Numdahs in Pahalgam

Numdahs or Namdas are the kind of small carpets which are very affordable when compared to the carpets, and these carpets are made out of the cotton and woolen materials. The fibers are manually pressed into certain shape, which is found to be very plain as well as decorated by the applique work of chain stitch embroidery. While the prices may differ with certain percentage of wool used with cotton material in knitting these Numdas. This means that, if more woolen is used with cotton, the rates will be higher, and if less wool is used and quantity of cotton is high in Numdahs, the rates are too low.  Hence, these Namdas are better known for the bright colors and stunning designs.

Namdas Pahalgam

These Namdas which are knitted with wool and cotton as well as the unspun wool, is evenly spread on a mat, later rolled and pressed underfoot for better felt. While, the footed piece that is felt is milled, as well as washed and dried. And these Numdahs are found in either plain or done some embroidery over it. This colorful Numdah gives warm and inexpensive floor covering which are used as mattress during the winter season or when climate gets colder.

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