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Geography of Pahalgam

Pahalgam, a beautiful hill station that lies in the north of India (Jammu & Kashmir), is just a small region which is covered by the snow clad mountain peaks, and a white water that moves at the bottom of the narrow valley.

While, the place is established at latitude of 34.03° N and longitude of 75.33° E. Also, the average altitude is about 2740 meters (i.e, approximately 8989 feet), and it surrounded by the thick pine as well as the Cedar forests, that is close to the River Lidder. This land seems to be the best throughout the regions, as weather at this region is always charming, good for trekking.

Pahalgam Geography

The winters are always cold and often receive snowfall; while summers are very calm and pleasant. And during this summer season (March to June), the pilgrims usually make Amarnath Yatra. Even though snowfall is reduced during the month of summer, one can find snow with high amount during this summer month. The monsoon begins from the month of July and stays till the month of September, where the climate will have high humidity. Because of this reason, skyviews of landscape becomes very unclear. Somehow, you will find the great panoramic view during the winter season. Winter seems to be the best season in Pahalgam to play the winter sports.

Due to its excellent beauty, Pahalgam draws large numbers of visitors in different season. Also, it has idealistic meadows during the summers or the valley is covered in a snow in any season. No matter, whether there are idyllic meadows during summers, or the valley covered by snow during the winter season, every season has its own beauty.

Water Bodies of Pahalgam

The main water bodies of Pahalgam includes the lakes such as Tulian Lake, and Sheshnag Lake. Many camping activities goes on near to these lakes. A wonderful panoramic view of the nature is possible at these lakes.

Climate in Pahalgam

Pahalgam Climate No matter what the season is, but climate is pleasure in all seasons (throughout the year), as forests have wrapped the village and thereby influence the winds, rainfall as well as the temperature. The moisture winds influenced by the forest becomes the cause for rainfall on the hills (where thick pine trees are located). This will gradually decrease the temperature during the month of summer. Hence, the climate in Pahalgam seems to be comparatively low when compared to other cities like the Srinagar, Sopore, etc. However, some highlights of the climate in summer, monsoon and winter is as below.

The start of the summers is usually during the month of March and ends during the month of June. But, the climate is very favorable, as it is warm and pleasant. If temperature is measured, it may be minimum 11° C, and rise till 25° C. It's the best time to visit the place, as there will be no snowfall. 

When Monsoon season arrives, the climate seems to be very scanty, that begins and ends during the month of July and September. While, the Humidity is on the top position (highest) during this monsoon season. 

The Winter season enters in Pahalgam between the october month and moves to next season after the end of February. The climate seems to be very chilled and covered by snow, and it is commonly known that, temperature has zero levels, and place receives fresh rainfall that gives a beautiful picturesque landscape to the visitors.

Population in Pahalgam

The population of Pahalgam town, as per the 2001 census (India) is about 5922. Among which, 56% of them are males, and 44% of them are females. While, the average literacy rate of Pahalgam is recorded as 35%. Amongst which, male literacy is said to be 49%, and as per the records female literacy is found calculated to be 17%. Also, another interesting thing is that, the population of the younger ones (less than 6 years) is said to be 14%.

Geology of Pahalgam

Pahalgam Geology
Source:// wikipedia

The Geology of Pahalgam looks interesting with the Lider Valley near to the Pahalgam, and tiny glaciers, as well as fresh grassy meadows, big rock walls, etc. The land covered with snow-peaks that creates a way to the holy 'Amarnath Cave'. While, the streams of Kolohai and Sheshnag connects to the Lidar River at Pahalgam.

Topography of Pahalgam

Pahalgam is found to be a great religious city with good tourist significance. The city is blessed with celestial natural beauty, which provides a delightful destination for the travelers who come to Kashmir valley. There is a rippling track and thin lush greenery that dominates the topography of this tiny scenic region.

Pahalgam Topography

The effusive Sheshnag River moves across this city and thereby makes its landscape more delightful. When you drive to this location via Pahalgam, the travelers are generally welcomed with the splendid views of the snow-covered peaks as well as the Lidder River that flows tremendously. Also, visitors are greeted with stunning vistas of snow-capped peaks and the Lidder River flowing through the valley. While the Chandanwari provides a wide variety of options to engage in adventure activities like the trekking and hiking, as well as the pony ride, along with the palanquin ride and snow sledging.

Flora and Fauna in Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a small region, but is rich in its flora and fauna. The region has good amount of vegetation, as large numbers of dominant forest that consists of conifers of approximately 90% are found here. While, the major range of trees include the Cedrus deodara, Abies pindrow, and Pinus griffithii, as well as the Aesculus indica, and so on. Some of the major shrubs that are found here are the Sorbaria tomentosa and Indigofera heterantha, etc.

At this place, there are several rare animal species that are endangered and protected as well. The main species of this region are the hangul, the serow and the musk deer, also the brown bear and the rhesus macaque, one can even find the Leopard and grey langur, apart from the Himalayan mouse hare, and other animal species. Pahalgam also has wild bears which roam at this area in large numbers, while the local villagers remains alert constantly, due to the instant threat of bears crossing the forest borders and entering their villages.

The region of Pahalgam also consists of good pheasants population, upland birds besides all other species (both resident and migratory). While, the very common birds include the griffon vulture, as well as the monal, the blue rock pigeon, the snow cock and koklas, etc.

Best Time to Visit Pahalgam

The best time to visit Pahalgam is during the month of March till November. Summers are very cool in Pahalgam, and winters are found to be very cool. However, you can check the different climatic conditions whenever you want to visit Pahalgam’s climatic conditions.

March to June:
March season seems to be very cool; while from April starts the summer season. During the month of April, the climate is very pleasant and cool for the sightseeing, and temperature usually varies from 25 degree Celsius to 11 degree Celsius. This is best tourist season that occurs to be an ideal month for the tourists of the Amarnath Yatra.

July to September:
These months represents the monsoon season in the Pahalgam. The city has very lesser rainfall, and one can find the humid weather during the day. Even tourists who visit to Amarnath Yatra visit this place, as these months are ideal for the outdoor activities.

October to February:
October denotes the winter season in Pahalgam, that suddenly changes to the temperature which is followed by the chilly winds. If you love the snowy season, you must visit Pahalgam during this peak winter season that lies between December and January.

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